underwater photography by dan bolt
About Dan

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Some of my work
see instagram for my latest photos or click a portfolio

Award Winners

Westcountry Waters

Scotland Underwater

What I get up to
web developer & content designer by trade, underwater photography is my passion

Award winning photographer

Over a number of years I have been fortunate to have been awarded for my images in competitions such as BWPA, UPY, BUPC, BUIF and Ocean Art

Feature Writer

My images and words are regularly used in Underwater Photography magazine, SCUBA magazine, and more local publications

My latest images

My most recent images can be seen on my Instagram account @danboltphoto. I hope you find them as interesting to look at as I did to shoot!

Underwater photographer of the year (UPY)
Dan Bolt: co-founder and website developer of the world's top underwater photographic competition

Doing it right

Creating the world’s most respected underwater photography competition

International Media

We’re building a huge network of media partners around the world

Global reach

UPY receives entries from over 60 countries every year

(com)passionate photography

From over 30 years exploring the waters of south Devon, I have learned how to spot unusual behaviour, rare visitors and even potentially new species.

  • First recorded sighting of cleaning behaviour between John Dory (Zeus faber) fish and the Leach’s Spider Crab (Inachus phalangium)
  • The only non Norwegian sighting of the nudibranch Janolus cf hyalinus
  • With Terry Griffiths the only reported sighting of a pink Eubranchus species of nudibranch
  • With Terry Griffiths helped to document the spread of the Anemone Shrimp Periclimenes sagittifer
  • Located and reported a new colony of Pink Sea Fingers (Alcyonium hibernicum)


Over the years I have worked with, or provided free images to, the following charities/organisations to help with their marine, wildlife and ecological campaigns:

  • The Wildlife Trusts
  • Sea Search
  • RNLI
  • National Marine Aquarium
  • BSAC
  • Torbay Coast & Countryside Trust
  • Exeter RAMM
  • Marine Life Collection
Copyright Dan Bolt


Inspirational Places in the UK
some of my favourite areas for photography

South Devon

My home patch, and one I have found fascinating in over 30 years of snorkelling and diving

Western Scotland

Possibly the most amazing shore diving in the UK, and an annual pilgrimage for me


Lundy Island

Some of the best seal diving you can get, in a stunning setting with clear waters and abundant wildlife

River Dart

These ancient peaty waters present colour, shape, form and aquatic life very differently to the marine environment