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Monthly Programme

2024 Monthly Competition themes

Most of the 2024 competition themes will mirror BSoUP’s monthly themes:

  • January - Black and white
  • February - Shallow depth of feld
  • March - Theme portfolio
  • April - Conservation
  • May - Underwater excellence
  • June - Eyes 
  • July 9th - Ambient light (meeting online)
  • August 13th - Refections (meet at Severnside)
  • September 10th - Close focus wide angle (meeting online)
  • October 8th - Best of British (meet at Severnside)
  • November 12th - Snell’s window (meeting online)
  • December 10th - Christmas party (meet at Severnside)

We meet on the second Tuesday of each month, and alternate in-person and online meetings (but the in-person meeting also includes members via zoom).

Meetings start at 7:30, but members usually gather from 7:00pm to chat and socialise before proceedings begin.

Our in-person meetings are held at Severnside Sub Aqua Club in Bristol.